Divorce First Steps

Divorce First Steps

I believe that a client  filing for divorce deserves compassionate, respectful representation. Divorce is a difficult time for my clients and their families.  With  over 22 years as a Family Law Attorney, four of which were served as a staff attorney for the Domestic Relations Court in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, I have a great deal of experience with judges, magistrates and the opposition. 

I  will work with you gathering the facts of your case and advising you to make the  best decisions possible under the circumstances.  Divorce and family  law issues are difficult, but I will help you to assert your rights.   Excellent legal support can make the matter less painful.

Custody, Visitation, Child Support

Couples  in the process of separating often are most concerned with their  children.  Who will become the custodial parent?  Will legal and  physical custody be shared?  What will the custody guidelines be?  As  your steadfast advocate in court, I will get the best results possible.


Steps You Can Take Now

  •  Gather as much evidence as possible.  Even if you think your spouse will  not contest the divorce, that can change and things can get ugly quickly.
  • Get copies of the last three  years of your spouse's tax returns.  If your spouse was the main source of the family's income, these may be the most important financial  documents in your case.
  • Keep your plans for divorce to yourself.  Family or friends may attempt to save your marriage by broadcasting your intentions to your spouse, which could  hinder your case by giving the other party a head start.
  • Do not attempt blackmail or bribery.  Besides being illegal, it will damage your case.
  •  To get started, print out the Divorce form or the Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support form then go to appointments and sign up for either you free 30 minute phone consultation or the hour long appointment at your choice of location (fee required).