Pet Trusts

Pet Trusts

Changes to trust law in the State of Ohio have cleared the way for "Pet Trusts," a legal entity previously unavailable in this state.

Ohioans are now able to directly and specifically provide for their most treasured animal companions after death through the creation of special pet trusts.

People don't think of their animals as merely pets; they are companions who make a meaningful contribution to their owners' lives. It is right and just that an individual should be able to set aside funds and create a legal entity to provide care for that animal after the death of its owner. In my legal practice here in Northeast Ohio, I anticipate growing demand for pet trusts and I have designed legal services for those seeking to create them.

Ohioans who care about their most treasured companions now have the opportunity to provide for them in their estate plans (and if you don't yet have a comprehensive estate plan yourself, I can create one for a human, too!) I will handle all of the details with forthrightness and compassion, whether for you or your animal companion.

First Steps You Can Take Right Now

  • Set up an appointment for a free half hour telephone consultation
  • Select a trustee, as well as a primary and secondary caregiver. Make sure they agree to care for your pet(s).
  • Put your pet care instructions in writing. You should designate where your pet will live, what it will eat, and any medication or medical treatment it will be provided by the trust.
  • Identify any health problems, medications or treatments, schedule of vet visits.
  • The pet trust will require sufficient funding to provide for the pet. Figure the potential expenses and set this money aside, if possible. Prepare for the death of your pet
  • Decide what to do after the pet dies. Any remaining funds in the trust will have to be disbursed somehow (perhaps to your favorite animal charity).
  • Do you have a plan for the burial of your pet? Many pet owners want their pets interred with them. Be sure to specify this, too.

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