Rates and Retainers



In an effort to be transparent, and give you an idea of what it will cost for quality legal help, I have posted some of my rates and retainers. Some rates are unavailable because cases in those areas vary drastically.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is an up-front payment made to keep my services when they are needed.  This payment is used as we go through the legal process. I keep very precise records of all of the work I do for your case, and pay myself from the retainer until it is gone or the legal action is over.  If necessary, a second retainer may be required. Any unused portion of the retainer after the legal action is complete, is returned to the client.

How Fees are charged

I charge by the hour, or if I work under an hour at a time, by the tenth of an hour (every 6 minutes).  I decided to charge every six minutes instead of by the quarter of an hour which is standard. I feel this is fairer to my clients.

What about our first meeting - the consultation?

The first meeting is free if it is by telephone. I give a thirty-minute consultation at no charge. If you would like me to meet you for a face-to-face consultation, I charge $150, and it is sixty minutes. You can schedule a free or paid consultation on this site or by calling my office at 440-655-2342.

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Since you drive to your clients, do you charge drive-time?

I normally do not charge drive-time.  There are extenuating circumstances in which I do have to charge as it is part of the legal service, but I would discuss that with you prior to making the trip and let you decide.

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