Olive S, Cleveland, Ohio

"Mr. Stolarsky helped me probate my husband's estate. I had no idea what to do when he died, but Marc showed a great deal of patience and helped get me through a very difficult time."

Cassandra K, Akron Ohio

"I fully endorse Marc L Stolarsky for his ability to explain all the options to his client and to guide them to choose the one that gets results."

Thomas D, Akron Ohio

"Marc helped me with a very tough situation in my life. He knew that I was struggling and he gave me completely reasonable prices with a set payment plan. Would not go to any other lawyer. "

Holly S, Cleveland Ohio

Marc served as a calming presence during a stressful post divorce proceeding, even though he had not been my original divorce attorney. Marc picked up where the other attorney had failed and delivered favorable results for me quickly at a very reasonable cost. He kept me informed of my responsibilities during the process, responded to my questions in a timely manner, and presented information in a way that was easy to understand.   I would definitely choose Marc again for my legal matters in the future! 

Success Stories

Saving a Father's Rights


In the case of an incarcerated client,  the custodial parent's new spouse wanted to adopt my client's child. I argued in appeals court and the adoption did not go through, allowing my client to continue parental rights and visitation with his child when he was released.

Probate Help


An elderly client's husband had died 13 years earlier and she was trying to refinance her home. Her husband was still on the title as she was unaware that his estate needed to go through probate. I spent a good deal of time helping her go through old paperwork to successfully probate his estate. She was then able to move forward and refinance her home.

Stopped Bullying


A client's daughter was being bullied in school, including both mental taunting and physical violence. When contacted by my client, the school administration refused to act on behalf of her daughter. Once I contacted the school administration, the matter was taken more seriously. In the end I was able to work with school leaders to stop the harassment.